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Mid May 2018

I graduated! I am now an official alumni of Liberty University!

I actually earned an A in the last class that I was struggling in, so my ending GPA is 3.36. Considering I work full time, volunteer part time, and was going to school on top of everything else in life, I’m pretty happy with that GPA, even if it’s not honors. I graduated high school in 1997, so this Bachelor degree was 21 years in the making, whew! Now I get 2 months off and then start the Master’s program on July 23rd.

So, what am I going to do for 2 months, with no school and no church outreaches on Wednesday nights? Well, for right now I am on vacation. I’m with my brother in Virginia at a resort relaxing. It’s so pretty here and we have a few deer in our backyard 🙂 After vacation, back to my full time job, of course. I am also going to work out with my trainer 3 times a week instead of 2. I’m going to take advantage of this down time to take care of myself. I’m also taking “appointments” with friends for girls’ nights out, since I won’t really be available for 2 years during grad school.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go for a Doctorate. Seeing some people in Doctorate regalia this weekend was kind of inspiring though! But first Masters, then we’ll decide! Can’t really worry about any of that just yet.

My brother went with me to my graduation, which was super nice of him. We flew in to DCA and drove to Lynchburg/Bedford, VA. On the route the GPS took us through a twisty road through the mountains, which I got the unfortunate task of driving. Did you know it’s rained pretty heavily in VA recently? That causes fallen rock, fallen tree limbs, mud, and, scariest of all, running water on the roads! I thought we were going to die! I’ve probably never been that stressed while driving in my life. Obviously we made it through OK, but my neck and shoulders are still soar from being so tense. Good thing I have a massage scheduled on Tuesday! Oh, and come to find out, if we would’ve just gone down the highway a little longer, we could’ve just taken another highway which would’ve been a lot straighter and safer!! Ugh.

There were over 20,000 people in my graduating class, over 8,000 attended graduation and somewhere around 30-40,000 people were on campus for commencement. After the ceremony we all divided up into our respective colleges and had degree presentations/walked across the stage. There were a lot in my college of Religion and we didn’t stay for the whole thing. I’ll receive my diploma in a few weeks, which will get framed and hung on the wall, of course! Now, what to do with the regalia? Shadow box? Not sure yet.

Below is a picture that some photographer-friends took of me, Pres. Jimmy Carter addressing the graduates, and part of the sea of graduates on the field.



End of August 2017

Hard to believe September starts tomorrow! I’ve said it many times before, I love Fall, but this summer flew by. Took two classes and have a lot going on at work, so I feel like I am always busy.

Glad to be back down to only 1 class. Took counseling for women and retook Acts this summer. A in one, C in the other. 10 points from a B with that C, but that doesn’t matter. Now I’m taking Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Hopefully it won’t be as hard as it sounds like it will from the title. With that, 4 classes to go! Less than 9 months until graduation! Not that I’m counting down or anything!

My coworker quit and another gave her notice. So we’re interviewing but things are busy. I’m hiring about 35 people at the moment and each requires approximately 50 pages of paperwork. That’s a lot of faxes, emails, and meetings! Not to mention if they are in the school and need fingerprints or a therapist and need to go through getting billable through insurances. On top of that, all the day-to-day stuff with existing employees, of which we have over 450 on our campus alone. Can you see why I’m exhausted at 4pm?

Then have to do homework, work out, do laundry, etc. etc. etc. I am so grateful for not having kids! Sleep is hard enough to come by!

Dead-lifted 160 (or was it 165?) the other day! Squatted 135! While the scale actually went up this morning, I’m definitely getting stronger. Some of my clothes are getting loose too 🙂

Haven’t told you my other news this month! I’m no longer the Director/Pastor of the Senior Citizens’ Ministry at church anymore. God seemed to reveal to my Pastor and I that my assignment was coming to and end. Someone else has already taken over, and I’m moving on. I’m going to do more with photography and tech stuff, just not sure what that all looks like, but I’m excited. My ego/pride is a little upset that I won’t be in leadership per se, but my stress level is certainly going to be lower! With starting my Masters program next year, somethings are going to have to be given up or set aside for a couple years. Guess this was just the beginning.

Went to the Festival of Nations last weekend and walked about 7.3 miles in one day. It wasn’t too hot, but we were in the sun a lot. I had no MS symptoms even though I was exhausted. Had a good time and ate some good food, including a dish I hadn’t had since West Africa in 2013!

Well, that’s about all the updates I’ve got for now. Be blessed everyone!

Mid-July 2017

Hi y’all! Hope you are all enjoying your summer. So far, my MS symptoms haven’t been a problem, even though it’s been pretty hot here in STL. I’ve even gone on walks outside and not had problems! Praise the Lord!

I have been sleeping a lot on weekends though. Not sure if it’s MS fatigue or if I’m just not sleeping well during the week and am trying to catch up. I’m trying to wear my CPAP every night, which really helps. No, I haven’t been wearing it faithfully for a while, but I’m changing that! Slept a lot this weekend, mostly due to (I think) allergies, which lead to sinus pain, which leads to toothaches. Ibuprofen is my friend!

Earned an A in my last class! Now my GPA is 3.22 🙂 Taking 2 classes right now, a bit overwhelming. But I’ll make it. One class I’m retaking because I earned a D in it the first time. Some of the work I’ve already done, so that helps, but they changed a lot of the format.  Which actually makes it a little easier this time around.

Saw my PCP and GYNO recently. All pretty good, just focusing on losing weight, as usual. Which has been happening, just slowly. I’ve lost inches, but the scale isn’t moving too much. But some of my clothes are getting too big, so that’s a good thing! Still working out with the trainer and loving it! Anyway, we’re also watching my BP, it might be getting too low. Could that be causing some of the sleepiness? Maybe, I guess. My PCP also mentioned getting an ablation, which I’m not sure I’m quite ready for. I don’t plan on having kids, but that seems a little invasive. We’ll see, if things in that area don’t improve, it might be an option, I’ll have to talk with my GYNO. Nothing too scary, but probably a little TMI for here already!!

So, dad’s OK. Mom’s OK. Hard to watch your parents age though. Mom had a little scare the other day, but she’s good. Dad’s at home at least.

Work’s OK. Some days are super busy and drain my brain power. Still love my job, just a lot going on – a lot of hiring, which that’s my main area.

Ever mess up something in your life and think you’ll never get back to where you were? I know, kinda vague, bear with me. I know God is like a GPS, He has a destination set for us, and even if we take a wrong turn, He can still get us there. I’ve probably shared that before, not an original thought, but a comforting one. I just think I went down a path that I shouldn’t have and feel like I lost a lot of ground. Ground in my friendships, leadership, walk with God, reputation, etc. I’m feeling condemned, which isn’t from God and I know that. I just, I don’t know, wish things were different. I know He’s forgiven me because I’ve repented and all, but there’s still the regret and remorse. Guess maybe I’m mourning the mistakes I’ve made?

But that’s all in the past and I need to look forward. He has amazing things in store for me, and I want to follow hard after Him. Whatever and wherever that may entail. I’m excited for my future and His plans for me. I know that last paragraph might sound otherwise, I was just lamenting. Things are getting back on track and I’ll be OK.

Thanks for sticking with me through my (sometimes mis-)adventures!

Mid February 2017

I totally missed the month of January, didn’t I? Feels like I’m about to miss February too if I’m not careful!

Been an interesting couple months since I wrote last. I turned 38. Which seems odd, I’m pretty sure I was just 28! Not facing 40 already! Had a painting party for my big day, mine is pictured below:

20170129_160125It was a fun time, I love doing things like that, especially with friends! Now I just have to get that hung on the wall!

School’s going OK. I’m a little behind in my current class, but I seem to say that a lot. Getting ready to register for Summer classes tomorrow. Which means I’m in the home stretch for graduating next year! Crazy me, I’m planning on going on to get my Masters soon after that, but one thing at a time!

Mike and I are on a break. I know, bad timing with V-day here, but it is what it is.

Anyway, also been nursing a sick kitty 😦 They both have feline herpes, which apparently is common with shelter pets. They get it in their nose, like humans get cold sores. He sounds more like he has an upper respiratory infection, so I’ll call the vet in a couple of days if it doesn’t clear up with the lysine she gave me for the herpes. Poor baby! They also had bad cases of ear mites recently too. Besides that, they’re completely spoiled and seem very happy 🙂

I feel like all I do is attempt to catch up with life these days. With some advice from my trainer (aka my therapist sometimes!), I’ve started scheduling out my week in order to develop a routine. Took a stab at it last week and it really helped. I just try to give 110% to everything and that doesn’t work! Not that I want to slack off in any area of my life, I just need to find balance and set priorities. Pray for me!

Buried my grandma’s ashes last week. Short and simple Scripture reading and prayer at the grave site, she was cremated back in November and we waited until her birthday to bury her. I know she’s with the Lord, but I still miss her and her wit.

I had a goal to dead-lift 125 lbs by my birthday. A little late, but I crushed that goal last week! 135 lbs – 2 sets of 5 lifts! Go me! I’m also further along in the Couch to 5K program than I’ve ever been! Feeling good! I made a deal with my trainer to not look at the scale for a while, and I’ve stuck to it. I have no idea if I’ve lost any weight, but I need to not focus on that number right now. I was stressing over it big time. I’m choosing to focus on the dead lifting and squatting numbers instead.

Work is still going well. I really like it here and hope to be here a long time. Yeah, I’m making less money, but I’m happy and more fulfilled – that’s what matters.

Speaking of work, my lunch is about over. I’ll talk to you all again soon, I hope!!

Mid December 2016

Busy, busy. That’s my life. Nothing new, right? Just seems super busy with starting the new job and trying to wrap my head around all the things I’m learning. That plus finals and last week was harsh. My motivation train derailed and I didn’t do well in a few areas of my life. I think I’m starting to get back on track this week, so far, but it is only Monday.

I’ve got a month off school now though! Start back up on Jan 16th with Apologetics. I’ve taken a class similar to this before, so hopefully I can get a good grade. I only earned a C in my last class.

Job is going great. The people are nice and friendly and the hours are good. I got a chance to see some of the kids perform a Christmas program that they wrote themselves, it was sweet. I gotta admit, I was misty eyed! Also hearing where the company is headed and how much expansion is taking place is exciting. We’ll be working with the community a lot more soon and there are possibilities for advancement for me outside of HR after I earn my counseling degree. Not the direction  I was envisioning, but that doesn’t mean God wasn’t putting all these things in place.

Just looks at the things He’s done in my life, this year in particular, how can you not see a divine plan?

I got a new camera! So excited to play with it and get to know the world of DSLR. I got a Canon EOS 70D, and it is fun!

I also ordered my first Mac this weekend too. Should get that this week. I used Macs a lot as a kid, but very little as an adult. So, there will be a learning curve for a while, but I’ve got a few friends who can help me. I got it for photo and video editing mostly.

Kitties are doing well. They’re sweet and fun.  Here’s a picture of them snuggling or fighting, I don’t remember which!


End of November 2016

I wrote a post the day before Thanksgiving, but it is actually already outdated! So I thought I’d start a new post.

My grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was 93, and ready. I know she’s with Jesus, so I rejoice in that, but will still miss her a lot. I hadn’t really seen her too much over the past few years, for many different reasons, but I wish I had visited more. I was honored to officiate the service, and made it through without crying. A friend of mine lost her grandmother a few days ago too and another friend lost her sister-in-law. Sad times, but makes you cherish those around you all the more.

I adopted two kitties!! Samantha (or Sis) and Fletcher (or Brother). They are litter mates but don’t look like it. Fletcher is an orange/red/ginger tabby and Samantha is a tortoiseshell. They are adorable and very cuddly. I’ll post pics soon.

I GOT A JOB!! I’m working as a Human Resources Coordinator and a local non-profit that works with children and families with behavior issues and autism. I started Monday and so far I really like it. I took a pay cut, but I’ll still be able to manage. Plus, I’m working for a company that doing something that matters, ya know?

My new doctors are changing up some of my meds. Hopefully I won’t become a basket case over the holidays. Nah, I’ll be good. The good news is we’re decreasing meds, not increasing!

Training is going well. I can dead lift 105 pounds now. And my speed on the treadmill isn’t as pitiful as it was a couple of months ago.

School’s OK. Got another research paper due in a couple of weeks, seems to be the theme with these Senior classes.

Well, that’s about all right now. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Beginning of November 2016

November, my favorite month! No, my birthday isn’t until January, so that’s not why! I just love the cooler temps, changing leaves, bonfires, Thanksgiving, and getting ready for Christmas!

Been a little difficult lately though. Things are changing so fast around me, especially over the past year or so. It kinda hit me the other day how much I miss my old job, I miss my cat, I miss my house, I miss my dad’s health, and to a certain degree, I miss being single. Just being honest. Can we go back about 2 years and pause things a little so I can enjoy them a little longer?

On top of all that, my grandma (and my last living grandparent) went into hospice last week. She’s 93 and suffering from dementia. And she’s tired. It’s OK, it’s time, but that doesn’t make it easy. In all honesty I basically said good-bye to her a couple of years ago before she got worse. I believe she’s a believer in Jesus Christ, so there’s comfort in that. I get(?) to do her memorial service when the time comes. I’m a licensed minister so I can do that kind of thing. It’ll be my first, assuming nothing else happens before that(!!). I’m a little nervous, but I’ve got good mentors to help me get ready.

Finished my most recent class with a B! Could have, should have, gotten an A, but I slacked off on the final paper. Not a strategy I recommend, but I did really well with the rest of the class and did just enough to get a B when I did the paper. Kids, do your best all the time, don’t do what I did! Into another class (they just keep coming!!) and I’m a little behind already. Having a hard time focusing (see previous 2 paragraphs!).

I’ve been a part of a Bible study recently that has opened my eyes to something. I think Christians live a life of defeat. The enemy has lied so long and so well to us that we don’t know Truth anymore. Did you know you can and should have victory over sin? That the fight we fight is against the evil forces, who are already defeated? That we can pray for people and they can be set free? Or all these truths just cliché to you now and you don’t really believe in the mighty power of the Cross? Of the empty Tomb? Of the all-powerful God on His throne?

This election and all the ramifications thereof, have not and will not take God off His throne. Regardless of who gets into the offices of power over America, God is still in charge. This isn’t taking Him by surprise, can I even go as bold as to say He had a hand in setting up the candidates? That He loves all of them (president, senators, etc.) as much as He loves you? He wants all to come to repentance and trust in His Son, Jesus for Salvation. Ugh, quit cursing those who you oppose! Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of the heavenly realm (see Ephesians 6).  This life on Earth is not all there is! The powers of darkness have set up the issues that divide us, don’t attack supporters of those beliefs, pray down the strongholds in the heavenly arena instead!

OK, I’d say I’m sorry for the rant, but I’m not. But thanks for sticking through. I wish I could say things are rainbows and unicorns, but they’re not. Christians need to step up their game and stop letting the enemy win. If you’re not a Christian and reading this, I beg you to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you so that you’ll put your trust in Him for eternity.

Speaking of prayer, keep praying for favor for me to get the perfect-for-me job. Had a temp assignment in October, but that ended already.  

I’d best get back to that homework I was talking about…