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Mid-July 2017

Hi y’all! Hope you are all enjoying your summer. So far, my MS symptoms haven’t been a problem, even though it’s been pretty hot here in STL. I’ve even gone on walks outside and not had problems! Praise the Lord!

I have been sleeping a lot on weekends though. Not sure if it’s MS fatigue or if I’m just not sleeping well during the week and am trying to catch up. I’m trying to wear my CPAP every night, which really helps. No, I haven’t been wearing it faithfully for a while, but I’m changing that! Slept a lot this weekend, mostly due to (I think) allergies, which lead to sinus pain, which leads to toothaches. Ibuprofen is my friend!

Earned an A in my last class! Now my GPA is 3.22 🙂 Taking 2 classes right now, a bit overwhelming. But I’ll make it. One class I’m retaking because I earned a D in it the first time. Some of the work I’ve already done, so that helps, but they changed a lot of the format.  Which actually makes it a little easier this time around.

Saw my PCP and GYNO recently. All pretty good, just focusing on losing weight, as usual. Which has been happening, just slowly. I’ve lost inches, but the scale isn’t moving too much. But some of my clothes are getting too big, so that’s a good thing! Still working out with the trainer and loving it! Anyway, we’re also watching my BP, it might be getting too low. Could that be causing some of the sleepiness? Maybe, I guess. My PCP also mentioned getting an ablation, which I’m not sure I’m quite ready for. I don’t plan on having kids, but that seems a little invasive. We’ll see, if things in that area don’t improve, it might be an option, I’ll have to talk with my GYNO. Nothing too scary, but probably a little TMI for here already!!

So, dad’s OK. Mom’s OK. Hard to watch your parents age though. Mom had a little scare the other day, but she’s good. Dad’s at home at least.

Work’s OK. Some days are super busy and drain my brain power. Still love my job, just a lot going on – a lot of hiring, which that’s my main area.

Ever mess up something in your life and think you’ll never get back to where you were? I know, kinda vague, bear with me. I know God is like a GPS, He has a destination set for us, and even if we take a wrong turn, He can still get us there. I’ve probably shared that before, not an original thought, but a comforting one. I just think I went down a path that I shouldn’t have and feel like I lost a lot of ground. Ground in my friendships, leadership, walk with God, reputation, etc. I’m feeling condemned, which isn’t from God and I know that. I just, I don’t know, wish things were different. I know He’s forgiven me because I’ve repented and all, but there’s still the regret and remorse. Guess maybe I’m mourning the mistakes I’ve made?

But that’s all in the past and I need to look forward. He has amazing things in store for me, and I want to follow hard after Him. Whatever and wherever that may entail. I’m excited for my future and His plans for me. I know that last paragraph might sound otherwise, I was just lamenting. Things are getting back on track and I’ll be OK.

Thanks for sticking with me through my (sometimes mis-)adventures!


grade update

OK, yes I totally underestimate my abilities…

Get this, so I told you recently that I thought I was only earning a D in Philosophy… I ended up with a B!!! Yay me!  GPA 3.81, that’s Honor Society material!  Eek! I’m so happy!

Begining of November 2014 #school #MS #vacation #philosophy #theSeason

Hi!  I’m still here, just haven’t had much to say lately, sorry.

School has me really busy.  I feel like every spare moment has been spent studying.  Not necessarily though, I do seem to still make time for my favorite TV shows and to read some, and nap – definitely have time to nap!

Philosophy is kicking my you-know-what.  I think I can ‘do’ philosophy, it’s just learning all the terminology and rules.  I enjoy the challenge, just not my grade so far! 

I did manage to earn a 4.0 GPA during the last intensive!!  Yay me!! 

The Florida vacation was wonderful!  I really enjoyed my time relaxing and getting to know some of my girl-friends better!  We spent time at the house, went to the beach, had a spa day, ate out a lot, and just had fun.  I came home feeling rested and re-set.  Then I started battling a cold or something :-/ Probably just all the changes in the weather.

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away!  I feel ready for the season though.  Like I could actually get into decorating this year.  I won’t do it now because I’ll get super tired of it all by Christmas, so I’m hoping I’ll stay ‘in the spirit’ and decorate for the first time in years.  I think I’m feeling closer to God this year and want to celebrate Jesus’ birth, or something 🙂  Plus the depression is at bay! 🙂

I have a new MS symptom though.  Not really new, I’m just finally putting a name and cause to something that’s been happening.  It’s called foot drop.  Basically when I walk, especially for long periods of time or with much effort, my foot doesn’t come up all the way and it scrapes the ground.  I think the majority of the problem is weakness in that leg.  I’m still attempting to train for a 5k on Thanksgiving, I just have to be careful.

Busy month ahead, hope to talk to you all again soon.