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Beginning March 2017 – 10 years!

10 years! 10 years since I went on my first mission trip. So, it would seem due that I reminisce a little. What have I learned over the last decade? What has God shown me?

First, go! Second, trust! Third, pray! Not in that specific order though J Oh, and why? People!

Going to Mexico the first 3 trips was a no brainer for me. I was visiting a good friend of mine, and I didn’t even know they were considered mission trips. On those trips I was first introduced to a foreign culture, but could see how God was still the same. It was on the way home from the 3rd trip that I realized that doing just that: visiting established missionaries around the world to support and encourage them, was exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Of course I had no idea how that would all play out and really still don’t.

Scotland was my first trip over an ocean, and I knew no one. When preparing for this trip, I was struggling with my faith, I prayed the God would show Himself to me, and He did. He provided for the trip through avenues I wouldn’t have guessed and showed Himself powerful during the trip. I remember praying with a lady who I could barely understand (super thick Scottish accent) and I just asked God to interpret her tongue for me. He did! I prayed what I heard the Spirit leading and she was blessed. I found a happy place there – a place I visit in my mind when I need peace. In the hills where it’s green and the sheep wander. I was sitting on the hillside admiring God’s creation and thinking about Psalm 23.

Costa Rica was my first trip leading someone and taking her with me. It was a stretch, but at least I wasn’t leading her alone (we were with a group from Denver and Hawaii). The heat and humidity there kind of unnerved me. I wasn’t sure how the MS would be but God was so faithful! I took care of myself and everything went well. On this trip I learned more about the sex trafficking epidemic and that still breaks my heart.

West Africa was probably my favorite so far. 3 countries in 10 days, wow! The people were beautiful, inside and out. We did leadership training there and I learned how people around the world see Americans. Namely they see our tele-evangelists and try to mimic them. Ugh, heartbreaking. The message we shared, on top of our assignment, was to encourage them to be themselves. To let the Gospel shine through their culture, not to be like those they saw on TV. I found another happy-God peace place there on the shore watching the run rise over the Pacific.

China was a possibility the following year, but I wasn’t settled in my heart about it. So that is still on my ‘bucket list’!

Japan was the most recent trip. I visited the friend I had visited 9 years prior. Now she’s married and has two little girls. Japan opened my eyes to people. Because, besides the concrete, Japan is full of people! So few know about Jesus and it’s (also) heartbreaking. There’s so much depression and pressure to succeed, with no hope of eternity.

I have more of an idea of what I’m doing with my life since I started this journey. I’m pursuing my BS is Religion-Christian Counseling and planning on my Masters in Social Work after that. That will help me find resources and be a help and support to those whom I visit.

What’s next? Currently waiting on my new passport and not able to travel this year (new job). However, in 2018, Lord willing, I’m visiting friends in Valencia, Spain and Linz, Austria.

So, why missions? To spread the love of Jesus to the world. Why me? Why not? He called, I listened. Here I am Lord, send me. If He wants you to go, He’ll make a way. And forever change your heart in the process.

Oh, and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 10 years ago too. Had a couple rough spots on trips, but God was ever faithful. Don’t let anything stand in the way of what you know God has called you to!!!

Parting note: “For ‘Everyone who calls on the name on the Lord will be saved.’ But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, ‘How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!’” Romans 10:13-15 NLT.


Beginning Oct 2016

Yay! It’s Fall! Well, at least most days. Here in St Louis, it’s supposed to get a little warm again this week, but then drop again. I love this time of year, except the allergies!

Spent last week at my denomination’s district Fall conference. It was so good! We were in Keystone, CO, which was beautiful. The conference was for pastors in the Gateway District of Foursquare. I went to the national/international conference in Hawaii back in May. I love my 4sq family!

So, God spoke to my heart and showed me quite a few things last week. I had this amazing dream (will explain in the next paragraph). I asked Him to see His face and He showed me faces of people in foreign countries and said that was how I would see Him on Earth. A friend of mine received his ordination, and God gave me pictures and words of encouragement for him. God showed me some of the areas He’s moving me into in the near (?) future. Namely becoming a disaster relief chaplain, working more with visual media, and reaching the international people in my city. All such exciting stuff. Not sure how all that fits into my future job (yes, still unemployed!), but can’t wait to see how God works it all out.

The dream… basically everyone on Earth lost their faith. They forgot Who Jesus was and started doing depraved things or simply becoming vegetable-like and just existing. People would worship a god, but didn’t know Who He was. There were 3 of us who still knew Jesus was Lord. And we learned that by speaking the name of Jesus over people or telling them about Jesus, it was like they woke up. They stopped doing the sinful things they were doing, and remembered who Jesus is. Time went by and many were told about Jesus and revival broke out. Unfortunately, over time people started picking and choosing who they would tell and started thinking maybe we had reached enough people. Some still chose not to hear about Jesus because loved ones of theirs had died before hearing the Gospel and they didn’t want to end up in eternity without them.

Wow. Implications? Speak to people about Jesus and they become born again and stop sinning, basically. It’s odd, I’ve been having very evangelistic and spiritual warfare type dreams lately. Ones where I very boldly proclaim Jesus’ name and come against the forces of evil. Honestly, now, I can do those things when I have to, but it’s a little outside my personality/comfort level. But there’s coming a time, and may now be here, when speaking boldly about Jesus and against satan is necessary. Be bold! He is alive and real! The world needs to see His light through us believers, and we need to stop hiding it!

OK, done preaching 🙂 I’m just getting fired up!

In other news, my degree completion plan was slightly modified and now I have another semester to go through. I’ll still graduate in May of 2018 though, just have 2 extra classes to fit in, and 3 that were changed. Still contemplating my Masters, but not sure I want to go that much more into student loan debt. On the other hand, if I stay in school I don’t have to start paying the massive amount back until I’m finished.

Well, I gotta get ready to go to a new doctor. Nothing’s wrong, just that the PCP I had for years is moving out-of-state and I had to find a new one. She’s closer to home, which is nice. Not necessarily looking forward to having to go through my health history, but luckily she’s with the same health care network and should have access to most of my history already. Gotta love technology.

Have a great October, talk to you again soon!

Month of Thanksgiving – day 1

I did this all November last year, seems like a good tradition to start.

Today I’m thankful for life God has given me.  I know that’s vague.  But just in general, even with the ‘bad’ things that have happened, I’m grateful for the masterpiece God is weaving together.  It’s an amazing ride!

Mid-Sept 2013

Things are still pretty good.  Been feeling more tingling in my left hand/arm than I have in a while, might be stress related.  Stress and MS do not mix well.

Why am I stressed?  Probably because I’ve only got 3 1/2 weeks until I go on the trip of a lifetime.  And said trip went up in price, so I’m still looking for donations.  I know, I know, trust God and stop stressing!  I’m trying. 

Got the Typhoid shot last week, I was more sore from that than the tetanus shot, but not too bad.  Received the Yellow Fever vaccination waiver too.  1 shot to go, the Flu on Oct 1st.

Went for a walk yesterday since it was nice out.  Did 1.4 miles in 34 minutes.  The last time I did the same 1.4 it took me 35 minutes.  Nice to see some progress 🙂

I need a revival.  I need to fall in love with God all over again.  Things aren’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but I need His Spirit to revive my joy and excitement for the Kingdom.  Ever been there?  Feel like sometimes you’re just going through the motions?  Can be a scary place if you stay there.  God never changes, is always there, full of love and joy, it’s us who get empty.  The only way to fill back up is to go to the source.  Lord, revive me!  Fan into flame the fire for your Kingdom, for the lost to be saved!   Let me walk in the freedom Your blood gives me, let me not dwell in sin that I’ve been set free from!

Glad I get to go to a part of the world where Revival is happening, at least to get a taste of it.  Hope I can bring it back home.

Things are good!

Things are going well these day!  The depression is almost non-existent 🙂  The MS is still in remission, with only a few lingering symptoms (some muscle stiffness and a little tingling in my left arm). 

I’m officially licensed as a minister through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel!  I can officially perform weddings and funeral and such in the state of Missouri.  Plus I’m recognized in my denomination as a minister and get lots of support and resources through them.  Pretty awesome.  After this, in a couple of years I can apply to be licensed Internationally then a couple of years after that Ordained.  No, I don’t plan on having my own church someday, just missions.

3 shots down, 2 more to go for Africa.  My poor arms!  Tetanus, Meningitis & Polio were done Wednesday, Typhoid next Monday, then Flu on Oct 1.  So far no side effects, only a little soreness from the tetanus shot.  Then there’s the anti-Malaria pills when I get ready to leave.  Still gotta get the waiver for the Yellow Fever vaccination too.  Geez!

I’m reading a book by A. W. Tozer called The Pursuit of God.  It’s really good!  Did you realize God is ALWAYS there, ALWAYS speaking, and EVERYTHING can be sacred?  He wants constant fellowship with us, a really, personal relationship.  If we turn our attention to Him, He’s ready to meet us there.  Overwhelming and exciting.  The Maker of the Universe cares about every aspect of my life, and your life and your life…. x6 billion.  Wow. 

From Tozer, “Neither does place matter in this blessed work of believing God.  Lift you heart and let it rest upon Jesus and you are instantly in a  sanctuary though it be a Pullman berth or a factory or a kitchen.  You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him”

Anywhere, anytime, He is there waiting for your attention.  He loves you that much!  And He is worthy of that much.

Being Thankful – days 16-19

Trust me, I’m thankful everyday, just not up to or able to post everyday!

Day 16 – thankful for my mom and unending support

Day 17 – thankful for the National MS Society and the new people I met today.  and I learned to knit!

Day 18 – thankful for my pastor.  she’s a very Godly woman and I’m honored to be mentored by her

Day 19 – thankful for my massage therapist – found a Christian woman and have been seeing her for years!