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Mid February 2017

I totally missed the month of January, didn’t I? Feels like I’m about to miss February too if I’m not careful!

Been an interesting couple months since I wrote last. I turned 38. Which seems odd, I’m pretty sure I was just 28! Not facing 40 already! Had a painting party for my big day, mine is pictured below:

20170129_160125It was a fun time, I love doing things like that, especially with friends! Now I just have to get that hung on the wall!

School’s going OK. I’m a little behind in my current class, but I seem to say that a lot. Getting ready to register for Summer classes tomorrow. Which means I’m in the home stretch for graduating next year! Crazy me, I’m planning on going on to get my Masters soon after that, but one thing at a time!

Mike and I are on a break. I know, bad timing with V-day here, but it is what it is.

Anyway, also been nursing a sick kitty 😦 They both have feline herpes, which apparently is common with shelter pets. They get it in their nose, like humans get cold sores. He sounds more like he has an upper respiratory infection, so I’ll call the vet in a couple of days if it doesn’t clear up with the lysine she gave me for the herpes. Poor baby! They also had bad cases of ear mites recently too. Besides that, they’re completely spoiled and seem very happy 🙂

I feel like all I do is attempt to catch up with life these days. With some advice from my trainer (aka my therapist sometimes!), I’ve started scheduling out my week in order to develop a routine. Took a stab at it last week and it really helped. I just try to give 110% to everything and that doesn’t work! Not that I want to slack off in any area of my life, I just need to find balance and set priorities. Pray for me!

Buried my grandma’s ashes last week. Short and simple Scripture reading and prayer at the grave site, she was cremated back in November and we waited until her birthday to bury her. I know she’s with the Lord, but I still miss her and her wit.

I had a goal to dead-lift 125 lbs by my birthday. A little late, but I crushed that goal last week! 135 lbs – 2 sets of 5 lifts! Go me! I’m also further along in the Couch to 5K program than I’ve ever been! Feeling good! I made a deal with my trainer to not look at the scale for a while, and I’ve stuck to it. I have no idea if I’ve lost any weight, but I need to not focus on that number right now. I was stressing over it big time. I’m choosing to focus on the dead lifting and squatting numbers instead.

Work is still going well. I really like it here and hope to be here a long time. Yeah, I’m making less money, but I’m happy and more fulfilled – that’s what matters.

Speaking of work, my lunch is about over. I’ll talk to you all again soon, I hope!!


What else is going on? #art #english #school #ms #B90

So much else has been going on besides the Advocare 24-day challenge (which is going really well!  I have SO much more energy, it’s scary!)  

Anyway, I  thought I should take a moment and update y’all on other stuff 🙂

Art – I attended an art conference this past weekend that was very inspiring.  We discussed how art is prophetic and how you can use the arts to reach people for Christ.  The arts have been kinda taboo in churches, so it’s freeing to attend an event that affirms the giftings God has put in us.  It inspired me to go out and buy a new medium – pastels.  Hadn’t worked with them before but so far I like them.  They’re a lot like colored pencil, which I enjoy too.  God put into my imagination a couple of pieces I hope to work on soon, in acrylic and pastels.  Should be fun.

English – so I’m taking Eng 102 this semester and it is harder than I remember.  It’s online and writing intensive.  I like writing this blog and stuff, but I don’t have to worry about strict grammar and grades and all that with this platform.  I don’t have to give you all a thesis statement and a closing paragraph, but maybe I do that unintentionally anyway… hmm.

School – start at LUO on Aug 18th!  So excited!  Received all my books, wow!  There’s a lot!  A few for each class, and I’m taking 4.  Well, actually 5 classes, but one is a single credit – online literacy class.  So 4 ‘real’ classes that are 3 credit hours each.  (Free time?  Ha!  I used to think I had too much!  Now I won’t have any!)  The community college Oral Comm class is going well so far.  The teacher is pretty cool and the work hasn’t been too hard yet.  We have a persuasive speech due in a couple of weeks, which I’m a little nervous about, but not really.  Public speaking isn’t too scary to me, I’ve done a lot of it in church and on missions.

MS – I hate summer.  I don’t have any real symptoms or anything, just get a little more worn out if I’m hot for too long.   The weight loss and eating healthy are helping  a lot though.

B90 or Bible in 90 days – doing OK so far.  I’m about 3 days behind, but considering everything that’s going on, I think that’s pretty good!  Will finish Numbers today (yes, I totally made it through Leviticus!)  That means a lot of the ‘hard’ stuff is done, just got Deuteronomy to go, then not so much Law anymore, just stories.  They are a lot of more interesting to read.

So for my closing statement 😉  Things are crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

PS – the depression isn’t a problem right now 🙂  Big PRAISE GOD for that!

Outreach and the Artist – a book review

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Book Description

Whether you are an artist whose talents are an untapped source of energy for your church or a ministry leader wanting to involve artists and the creative arts in your outreach efforts, Outreach and the Artist will renew your vision. Musician and biblical scholar Con Campbell offers encouragement, wisdom, and practical tips for evangelism with, through, and to the arts:

Evangelism with the Arts – While the abilities of Christian artists may serve the church internally, artists within the church usually have enormous untapped potential for outreach.

Evangelism through the Arts – People’s natural love for various artistic mediums provides a connection-point to exploring life’s big questions with unbelievers in non-threatening and engaging ways.

Evangelism to the Arts – Christian artists are uniquely positioned to make an impact in artistic networks, which often have no Christian witness or presence and tend to be shut off from conventional methods of outreach.

Spreading the gospel is a task worth every God-given resource we have, and artists and their creative gifts are no exception.

My Thoughts

When I saw this book listed as an option to review, I couldn’t wait to read it!  As an amateur artist trying to figure out how to use my God-given talents to further the Gospel, this book was a God send, and not a disappointment.

It’s a short book (116 pages) and an easy read.


The writer, Con, speaks from his personal experience as a jazz musician and minister.  He shows how God brought him where he is today, successful in both areas.   But he’s not bragging on himself.

He gives insight into the artist community, one that is commonly misunderstood.

The artists’ profiles were interesting too.  They show how people in different genres within the artist community have dealt with being Christians in a secular arena.  So you don’t only get Con’s point of view.  I found them balancing to all the jazz talk!  (I really like jazz, don’t get me wrong)

This would be a great resource for church leaders looking to reach an unreached people group right under their noses, and for the Christian artist trying to figure out where they fit.

God gave us the arts.  He’s the best artist of them all after all.  He creates, and since we’re made in the image of God, we’re creators too.  We can, and should, use those talents to speak the Gospel.